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Curious Scientific Names

Curious Scientific Names Trilobites Aegrotocatellus– the Latin translation means «sick puppy» Aegrotocatellusjaggeri – named after Mick Jagger (have a look atthe genus transaltion – were…
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central america - cichlids

Central America – Cichlids

GENERAL INFORMATION Central American cichlids live across a wide range of habitats, including lakes, rivers, streams and underground well systems. Some even venture into the…
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Fact Sheet Information

Fact Sheet Information The following terms are used in the Fish Fact Sheets . Information on these terms is provided to help you understand…
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Glossary Adipose fin is the small fleshy fin situated on the back between the dorsal fin and the tail. The function of this fin is…
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The Aquarium… A Brief History

The Aquarium History

Ancient Rome… There is evidence that fish also were collected, along with the animals kept for “blood sports”. The fish were kept in ponds (with…
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Carassius auratus – Goldfish

Carassius auratus – Goldfish

Carassius auratus – Goldfish Quick Facts: Availability: ***** Hardiness: **** Overall appeal: **** Common name known collectively as Goldfish. Individual varieties also have common names,…
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Fishes Blog

Spectacular aquarium in this fish blog
Spectacular aquarium in this fish blog

If you want to go swimming with the big fish… …or small fish… or anything else, our Fish Blog contains everything an aquarium enthusiast must know. The Fish Blog, which covers all types of aquariums, is the ideal place for both experienced and beginner aquarists for refreshment and interesting ideas for their next aquarium project.

We deal with various aspects of fish farming as a hobby – from simple tanks with vegetation to complex marine environments, as well as aquarium fish and their compatibility with other species. Dive into the fascinating world of aquariums!

If you need some tips and ideas to decorate your aquarium with beautiful plants, visit our aquatic plants section. If you have a saltwater tank and want to create a unique environment for your inhabitants, the reef is definitely an option to consider.

Reef tanks are not only great for fish, but they are also a great focal point for your home. Depending on the type of water in the tank, you will also find valuable tips and guides on how to do this in our freshwater and salt water blog chapters, or useful reviews of aquarium equipment in the fish products section.

Wondering if you can add a new creature to your tank? Read our tips on aquarium fish species or visit our Invertebrates blog to learn how to select, introduce and nurture various marine creatures, including species such as crabs, mussels, starfish and others.

Create a fantastic miniature ecosystem in your aquarium. The fish blog at has all the resources you need to create, decorate and maintain a beautiful aquarium, as well as guides on how to choose and care for our aquarium friends and other aquatic creatures living in the aquarium.

Coral blog

One of the most colourful and diverse groups of animals in the sea is definitely reef fish. Its wide range of bright colours and bold patterns is practically unrivalled in the whole underwater kingdom.

And although they may be beautiful to look at, behind each of these designs there is a real function. The red colours look black underwater, which helps fish to stay unnoticed. Stripes allow the fish to camouflage themselves from the coral.

Dotted patterns are used to confuse potential predators. Each fish species cares for its own survival and questions its own performance. Below is a list of the most common fish on coral reefs. Most of these species are suitable for home aquariums.

Incidentally, contrary to popular belief, it is completely acceptable to use the term “fish” to refer to many different species at once. But it is still appropriate to use the word ‘fish’ to refer to members of the same species or members of one group.

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